Reminders of Their Service and Sacrifice

September 28, 2016
By andhobbes SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
andhobbes SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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Memorial Day is my day of reflection, looking back on those who served. I do not have to worry about my safety or rights. But that opportunity came with a cost. The freedom I take for granted, cost men and women their lives, yet we only take one day to repay them.

Memorial Day brings this somber reality to life. My day begins as I sit on the couch, eating my breakfast. Memorial Day reminds me of the brave men and women who won’t be joining their families for breakfast ever again. An aura of respect is in the air, yet this somber occurrence is blanketed in burgers, brats, and brownies.

Memorial Day continues and I open my closet, staring at my options, and the freedom I have to wear what I want, to say what I want, and to take my life in any direction I choose. Today I choose a simple t-shirt and shorts. This choice reminds me of the warriors, the leaders, and the patriots who only had one option: camouflage. For the ones who allowed me and my fellow Americans to make this choice, the camouflage would be donned for the last time.

Memorial Day carries on, but there has to be drama. And today, my sister and I argue. As I fight with her, harsh words are said. This silly quarrel doesn’t compare to the bands of brothers and sisters fighting for their lives. After apologies are said, we go our separate ways. Each of us knows our fight was unnecessary. Memorial Day reminds us that just because we can fight, doesn’t mean we should.

Memorial Day to me is a day of sadness. The festivities and family act as a support system, shrouding the reality of freedom. Nothing is free, and as my family celebrates, thousands of families mourn. Memorial Day reminds me that this land of freedom was created by the brave that were lost.

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