My Little Red Poppy

September 28, 2016
By Morgan1124 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
Morgan1124 GOLD, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Today is the last Monday in May. Veterans stand outside the entrance of Pick N’ Save near a vibrant red donation box. These veterans hand me a poppy, along with one for my dad. I look down at it. A smile comes to my face. It consists of a piece of wavy red material, a hard green center, and a green wire stem with a little fortune sized piece of paper connected to it. The paper said “Buddy” Poppy - “Wear It Proudly.” I will.

While we shop, I fidget with the flower in my hands. Walking to get Lucky Charms, I see people of all ages wearing a poppy just like me. We are a community. Not knowing anyone in the store, I feel connected as one for a day. Who made this? kept running through my mind as we walk through the aisles to get milk. A disabled veteran made this for me. Imaginations of this veteran come to mind. I have a poppy that was made by a hero.

This light, little red and green poppy is lovely. Representing bravery, poppies honor those who have fought for all of us. I am proud to receive a poppy that gives me a sense of community. Every year I look forward to going to the grocery store on the last Monday in May.

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