Memorial Day Party

September 29, 2016

Memorial Day is a time to celebrate with friends and family. Memorial Day is a time to be outside with people we know and cherish - exercising the freedom that we gained from those who we celebrate on that day. While the day was intended to be for remembering those who fought for our freedom, it quickly evolved into a day for backyard parties with friends and family. The three day weekend was something to look forward to - for both kids and adults. It’s the unofficial start to summer.

One of the most insane days of my life was at a Memorial Day party that was at my Grandparent’s house five years ago. My dad and two uncles disappeared for a little while and nobody knew where they went or what they were doing. When they got back they had 1,000 feet of plastic table cover. Still no one knew what they were up to until they announced one thing-- “slip n’ slide.” They rolled the plastic sheet down the hill and put water and dish soap on it. We spent the rest of the day shooting down the hill as fast as rockets.

Even though the true meaning of Memorial Day is about honoring and remembering those who have fought for our country, it can be overlooked. There's a flag flying in the yard, and music playing. People are laughing and having a great time hanging out and playing games, knowing it’s the unofficial start to summer.

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