Life is Precious

September 27, 2016
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Suicide. The 3rd leading killer of teens throughout the world. Suicides affect every member of the family of the person who committed suicide. I know because I speak from experience. It was your normal average day, my sister playing, and me trying to find something to do. Eventually, out of boredom, I wandered into my mother’s closet and stumbled upon a box of her old photos. Being the curious kid I was I decided to open the box and explore its contents. Inside the box was old photos of my grandparents, pictures of my mom as a kid, pictures of my aunt and uncle as kids, and lots more. I then came across a picture that looked like it had come from a polaroid camera and a rectangle card with the name Tanya Rodkey, a date of birth, and a date of death typed on it. These two little pieces of paper had captivated me and I instantly  wanted to know more about them. So then I stood up and ran straight to the source. My mom. Once I had reached her I asked, “Mommy, who is this?” and she replied, “That is your aunt Tanya sweetie.” When she said this I became confused because I thought I had only one aunt on my mom’s side. Then out of nowhere I heard a loud sniffle and looked up to see tears running down her face and I immediately asked her why she was crying. She told me that she was crying because talking about my aunt was a very sensitive and emotional topic for her. Then being the curious child I was I began to pry for more answers by asking her why it was emotional. “Because your aunt Tanya died at a young age.” she told me. Then I asked her one final question, “How?” Her final reply was, “Suicide.” That's when it hit me. I would never get to meet my aunt or make memories with her, and she would never get to meet her nieces and nephews or have kids and grandkids. That’s when it hit me that life could be taken away at any second, and at any age. From that day forward I used that story to help make me a stronger person. A person who would stand strong and get through the tough times so I could enjoy the fun and beautiful moments that life has to offer. So I wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to be an aunt and have kids and grandkids. The way she left this world taught me to live life to the fullest and to get through the tough times because there are greater things ahead. Also it taught me that life is precious and that you shouldn’t take it for granted. Suicide is a serious matter and affects many families each year, but it is something that can be prevented. Everyday I wish that somehow, someone was able to prevent her death from happening and was able to help her overcome whatever made her commit suicide. Her death not only affected me but also my mom and all of her family. Her death will forever be with me. I really wish that I was able to meet her and be a part of her life. I love you aunt Tanya. Rest in peace.

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