The One’s Who Sacrificed Their Lives

September 29, 2016
By Kbball10 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Kbball10 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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Millions of heroes names engraved in granite stone show what it took to make America free. Red, white, and blue colors glisten in the sunlight, as flags line up like soldiers in battle. Memorial Day is a day to honor the heroes who died in battle. Memorial Day is about the soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice, making America’s freedom of speech and freedom of choice possible.

Bravery. Booming noises hit the battlefield at the break of dawn. Dark red, dripping out of a hero's body, sacrificing one's self to free others, every soldier knowing when they leave, but not when they will return home. A son hugs his mother with tears running down his cheek, as he fights fear, and prays to God that he will watch over him through the toughest journey of his life.

Sacrifice. Negative degree weather in the dead of winter, lying on the white rigid snow with as many layers on as possible, slowly and quietly breathing. Every breathe as controlled as the next one, deep breathe in, and another one out. An explosive M16 Carbine tucked under her right arm, ready to fire at any second. The sound of footsteps sounding, closer and closer.... Thoughts running through her head at a 100 miles per hour. “Don’t shoot unless it is necessary.”—“Protect yourself from getting shot.”—“Protect your men and women from getting shot.”—“Stay alive.” The second she pulls the trigger, the second she realizes she has taken someone’s life away from them.

Being born in a country changes my perspective of life. Fortunately I was brought into a country where I can my life. Memorial Day isn’t just a day we have off of work and school, it’s a day to remember the strong men and women who are engraved in the granite stone, who gave their lives so citizens that were once in a place with like me, can finally breathe in that sensation of a life where you aren’t controlled by anyone to do anything.

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