September 29, 2016
By Anonymous

Once there was a hardship in my life. My best friend Sophia and I were junior high school deskmate for about 2 years. Our friendship was very close. We shared our secret and talked about other students.

The first time my mom told me that she planned to send me to America, I was only 11 years old. At that times the most important things for me is the relationships with my friends.  The friendship with Sophia is a large support in my life. If this support is far away from me, I just can’t feel it. So I cheat to my mom: “I don’t want to go to America, I’m too young and my English is poor! I don’t have the ability to go to America by my own also I’m not ready yet.” But actually friends had a greater proportion than my study career. That’s the true reason I don’t want to go. My mom and dad didn’t want to let me feel uncomfortable so they decided to wait until I’m ready.


The next time they wanted to send me to America is because they find a very good chance for me. There is an Art school in China that teach students English and art. This art school is for students who want to go to America Art High school. I was 14 years old and really loved drawing and painting at that time. My mom and I talked about this school for a long times. I really liked that school but I still didn’t have enough courage to leave my friends. I told Sophia I may leave this school and go to an Art school but I didn't decide yet. She was very sad and don’t want me to go but she told me I should go if I want to. She said I can make new friends and don’t worried about it. I was so confused and can’t make any choice. I didn't know what I want, to stay or leave. At last, I choose to stay, I feel scared and helpless when I think of going to US.


It was 2 years later when my parent finally decided to send me to America. I was   a regular senior high school student at that time. I wasn’t sure what I want in high school, Then I met a friend-Z, she also wanted to be an international student, she wanted to go to Japan. We became good friend cause the same purpose. We always stayed together and talked about to TOEFL and other test we need to take. She strengthening the idea that I want to go abroad.  I talked to my close friends and they all felt happy that I had a choice to be an international student. My best friend said to me:“No matter where are you, we are still with you. Do what you want to do. “But I don’t want to go to a place without any friends there” I said. “You are friendly and nice so don’t worried about it, If you don’t try nothing will happened.” she said. So I tried, now I’m here.


It was really hard to make friend at first, the language almost drive me mad. I lived in a host family, the mother in the host family is chinese. She is very enthusiastic and kind to me.  I live with another chinese girl Joy, she helped me in everything. She is the one I want to say “Thank you” the most. Everything became easy with their helps. I made lots of new friends at school. This experiment let me became a stronger and more independent person.

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