Favorite Mistake

September 26, 2016
By edith1234 BRONZE, Sacrmento, California
edith1234 BRONZE, Sacrmento, California
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My favorite mistake was when my mom thought that I was dressing for P.E. .even though my mom told me to dress. I  didn’t dress for P.E.  because I keep on making excuces that I  forgot my clothes but that wasn’t true and then one day my teacher called my mom and she told her that I wasn’t dressing all this days in P.E .and my mom told me if I don’t dress I am going to fail p.e class .like I failed my p.e class last year when i wasn’t dressing for my p.e class.and thats how i failed p.e last year.an my mom got mad because i wouldn’t listien about changing in p.e.i almost failed p.e this year but then my mo told me to dress so i started to dress for p.e.and now i am trying to do good in my p.e class so this year i wan’t fail p.e like again like last year that i failed p.e for just not dressing for p.e.now i started to dress for p.e this year in my p.e class. Because I don’t fail P.E.  this year I would just dress for P.E.  instead  of failing the class and repeating  P.E.  again next year. I  really don’t want to fail P.E.  again this year.if I  fail my mom maybe she might get mad at me and she is going to keep on telling me to dress for my P.E. class.One thing I learned from my mistake was to dress for P.E.  and also,if I don’t dress I might get a really bad grade. .I am going to dress all year so I won’t fail. p.e. Last year when I was a Freshman I would just be lazy and not dress.for my P.E.  class. I am just going to dress for P.E.  all year so I would never fail P.E.  again this year. I  think that I'm going to dress for P.E. all year so I won’t fail P.E. like I did last year. When I do dress for that class I hope I do well. If I fail my P.E. class again my mom will yell at me for not dressing. She will call my teacher and tell her that I don’t dress in my P.E. class.

The reason I wasn’t dressing for P.E. is because I felt uncomfortable dressing anywhere but home. We had bathroom stalls that I could dress in but I didn’t want anyone telling me that I had to dress in front of other people. Also it took extra time to dress and I could barely get to my class on time as it was. I would hurry as fast as I could across campus with my heavy backpack but still would not have enough time to dress and get out on the floor on time so I would just run in and throw my backpack down and start the class. This year my classes are closer to the gym so I’ll have time I hope. I’ll have to wait and see what happens this year. I want to do well but I’m not sure if I will have enough time to run to the gym, dress, and get out on the floor in time for roll call. Last year was hard because I was a Freshman and was trying to get used to everything in high school. Getting to classes across campus was different for me and it was harder than Middle School.

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