My Favorite Mistake

September 26, 2016
By , Sacramento, CA

My Favorite Mistake is caring for those who don't care for me.First of all i care for everyone,I even care for those who are mean to other people.I hate it when people I care for you but you you say that no one cares about you but I do care for you but i guess that's how life is. I try to care for everyone because I think everybody needs to be cared for. Its sad that when people say that no one cares for you but their are so many people who cares about you.


Second I think that everyone should be cared for even if you don't want it. But sometimes I think that people don't care for me. When that happens I like to be in my room and think about my life and how sad it is,Sometimes i don't want to be cared for because of how i am and all that stuff.

Third I'm gonna try my best to care for everyone one Because everyone needs to be cared for.Even if you don't want it! Im gonna care for you.

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