Dream Essay

September 26, 2016
By Lords BRONZE, California, California
Lords BRONZE, California, California
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What is a good man,Arren?Is a good man one who would not do evil,who would not open the door into darkness,who has no darkness in him?Look again...
Look into yourself!Did you not hear a voice say "Come"?Did you not follow?

People who like draw want to be drawing, However most time people got it easy from them in other got it hard. People thought draw was hard for them but art just anything you image it. Draw can be anything you want it to be like paint,and drawing. People who practice their draw get better to achieve want they want their dream, does who doesn't practice will never in their achieve life goal.I always loved to draw, and to become a famous artist would be a dream come true.

In order my dream come to true their are some step, I will take.First,I need take book to read it, try to draw some of something or use a computer to how to draw it.I need to work hard in practice 1 to 3 hour for draw to achieve want I want.Drawing makes happy and it keep me calm most of time.The computer will help me to draw edit.My dream is important to me because is something I love.I know that practice make me better so I need to keeping trying.My dream is to be on artist because I have passion for drawing and detail.In I will try my hard to hard on my drawing.

The next step is to show my art at the museum or in the computer so people know who my art work.Using the internet I would make a website with all my artwork, so people see it and may be buy it.I would also look for local art show, these will help me talk to people and my work and vision.

Being able to draw will take me year of practice to perfect my vision.One person that can helpe get better at drawing is my teacher.In my family not everyone draw, I have seen my aunts work and she inpires me but I have never asked for her help.

Becoming an artist and showing the world my art is something I dreamed about since I discover my talent.I have always been shy and struggle with expressing myself, but having a chance to show my art will help me express my feelings and self.

The author's comments:

This piece is about drawing in how I go become a great drawer someday.I start like draw when I was third grader see my friend draw make me start to draw.

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