Getting Caught

September 23, 2016
By pedrazablanca SILVER, Sacramento, California
pedrazablanca SILVER, Sacramento, California
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"Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes"-Oscar Wilde

“They won’t find out”, “Today is the last day and i'll never do it again” this is what i would tell myself every morning when my parents would drop me of school . “i'm better than anyone else therefore i can do whatever i want to and if they tell me something i will just ignore them and keep on doing it because they don't care and it's not bad it's not going to affect me” my thoughts . I'm pretty sure us as teenagers have thought this way at least once in our teenage years.Thinking our parents just give us rules or tell us what to do to bother us when it's not like that, when they do it because they love us and care about us.

There i was first day of high school excited and ready to learn. I came early to school every day to  to arrive to class on time i always did my work yes i wasn't the best student but i tried my hardest to do the best i could.”those kids that leave school are stupid”i would thinks to myself “i will never do it”.

“Come on let's do nothing is going to happen your parents are not going to find out ”-tina says to me. I was nervous but didn't want to look like i was scared my heart was jumping out my chest. “Should i do it or should i not”???? “Come on dude nothing is going to happen” estefanni my friends says, “No but what if my parents find out what am i going to do? what's going to happen?” So many questions thought and feeling in mi that i wasn't thinking right.

But i did it i left school for the rest of the day. I had fun and my parents didn't find out so i kept on doing it every day i wouldn't come to class for 2 weeks straight because i thought i was never going to get caught.

Until one day i came back to school and came through the front office and my mom was there “oh s***” i said out loud“blanca come here” the lady at the front office said i start walking towards her and my mom then the lady asks again “ where are you coming from”, “mmm well i went to the store but buy food and but at least i came back” i said “come here where are you coming from tell me the truth don't lie to me watch i'm going to tell your dad when we get home” at first i was scared but i acted like i didn't care when i felt bad for lying to my parents. When i got home i thought my mom was going to tell my dad but she didn't she just wasn't talking to me at all , and i felt disappointment in myself because i had broken my parents trust because my dad would go to work early and the morning giving my good morning kiss wishing me the best at school and then i wouldn't even go to one class my mom would wake up early just to take us to school on time so we wouldn't be late.

This is my favorite mistake because i learned a lot from it . i realized my parents dream is to see me educated and to give me the education they never got. And to see there them disappointed made me realize that i had broken their trust for nothing because leaving school did not leave me anything good besides being behind at school, having to go to summer school because i didn't pass my classes and losing my parents trust knowing they didn't deserve everything i did to them.

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