Giving Up

September 23, 2016
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Before starting freshman year i would say to myself, “you’ll do your best if you try” and i would never think i would give up on myself the way i did.


In the beginning of the year i wasn’t doing bad. My grades were good and I was coming to school everyday on time, i was paying attention in class and i wasn’t getting into trouble inside nor outside of class. You can say i was a “good kid”.


By the middle of the year i had already got two letters sent home for my attendance. Half of those missing days were excused the other half i just didn’t come because i didn’t feel like coming to school. I felt myself giving up on myself little by little. I wasn’t coming to school i was getting in trouble in class for the littlest reasons ever. I was getting called out of class and i was getting meetings with my teachers and with my counselor.


At the end of the year i had already got my fourth letter sent home so i feel like i was just being “bad”. I stopped coming to school for no reason ever. I would just stay home not doing anything i wouldn’t get in trouble by my mom because she would already know i told her i didn’t feel good and just make up excuses.


I would wake up and tell my mom, “mom i don’t feel good today can i stay home from school?”

She said to me, “ yes it’s okay just hope you feel better for tomorrow”.


“Okay mom thank you”, i would say to her before she left to work.


This went on till the last day of freshman year so when i got my report card i had poor grades i was so disappointed in myself i didn’t even show my mom my grades because of how bad they were. All summer i told myself “You're going to do better next year” and i hope i will do better this year.


This is my favorite mistake because i learned from it by how disappointed i felt in myself. And how embarrassed i was to even show my mom my grades. So now i will stay in school so that in the future im not disappointed in myself.

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