Potato Peeler

September 23, 2016
By Anonymous

“ I think i”ll use this since it has a pointy top & first weapon I see.” I said to myself as I’m in the kitchen.

“Come on we need to be there on time.” My mom said as I was sneaking the potato peeler in my pocket.
“ Where is my friend D at?” I said to myself when i was walking up to my class.

“Aye wassup!” my friend D said while he was walking up to me.

“ Wassup D! Aye who that boy you was talking about that called my mom a b***h?” I said to D kind of angry.

“ He over there by the basketball court.” D had said to me.

“ I’ll catch him after school then it’ll be better.” I told my friend D.

“ Aye D where the dude at now?” I said to him as soon as we walking out of class now is after school.

“ They over there walking towards that gate to go home.” D said to me basically instigating and egging me on.

“ Nevermind man they already walking too far.” I said to D.

Dang man you could”ve  caught him.” D said to me.

“Man lets just go.” I said to D.

“ hey y’all.” I said to my other friends that was girls as they were walking up to me & D.

“ Look what I got.” I said to them.

“ what is that for ?” they said to me.

“I was going to use that as a weapon to stab this one boy.” I said to them.

“ ooooohhhh… I’m telling!” one of the girls said to me.

“ come to the office now & i’m calling your mom.” the principal had said to me surprised at me.

I learned that there is serious consequences trying to go after & hurt someone really bad. I could have been in juvenile hall behind what i had done. Also, that boy parent could have pressed charges against me or they could have came back to me & try to hurt me for hurting their family member. I probably could have been in jail for a while through my childhood. Luckily, i was really young but if i was a little bit older it would have been all bad for me  i would have felt really bad & embarrassed by my family.

The author's comments:

This piece is about when i was a young boy , i had let anger get the hold over me & tried to do something hurtful to another person i would've regretted but didnt do it because i got caught before i even wouldve tried to. 

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