False Love

September 23, 2016
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What is your favorite mistake? I can tell you mines like if it had happened yesterday. I can explain the story from the very beginning to the end. It was the worst thing that had ever happened to me that I’d never thought would happen in my whole life. Even though, I had a good time, it wasn’t worth it at all and it never will be. I learned a big lesson from that experience that has made me see everything in a different way to this day.


Sunday morning, we are getting ready to go to Sly Park with my moms friends and their family. We are going to the lake and have a fun time. At 7, we are all ready to leave. Nothing interesting on the way there, but the beautiful view of the tall green trees. It’s about an hour away, we get there around 8. They are already there, waiting for us. We all greet each other. Long story short, the son of them is my boyfriend, well ex now.  A few minutes later my mom goes walking around with his mom, they take an hour long. Me and my sister stay with the rest of his family and cousins. My sister goes in the lake with his cousins and him while I stay outside sitting with his cousins mom. Later he’s walking towards me and asks me “Quiere que la lleve en la lanchita”, meaning do you want me to take you on the water boat.


“Esta bien” I said which means alright. Well we go, on the way there we start talking and stay there a while just talking about us and when we come back we have the same conversation. We took about twenty minutes. Well good thing is nobody but his family knows we are together because his family does want us together but my mom says I am too young. “ Gracias, me diverti mucho contigo”, I said when we reached back to the shore. He says the same and adds a smile that made me even more happier. “ Contigo siempre sere feliz mi amor.” As soon as I get up, he helps me everyone looks at us and smiles and all we do is smile back. We walk back to the place we were all at.


Around 6, we are ready to leave back to Sacramento and my mom is talking to my auntie about going to the casino with my uncle. We finally get home around 7 and my mom gets ready around 10 and leaves. When she leaves, my other auntie comes to do her hair, takes an hour long. Finally 11, me and my boyfriend already had plans to meet at 12 since we couldn’t at 11. I was thinking should I, im still on time to cancel the plans.Too late now, 12 am  he says he is on his way to my house. Approximately around 12:30, I get a message from him saying he is outside waiting.


Well, it’s too late now. I can’t just leave him outside hanging. My other uncle, Eduar is still awake watching tv and my grandma has just gone to sleep a few minutes ago. There is nobody home except my uncle, grandma, sister and grandpa which are all inside their rooms. I take my keys, lock my door quietly, walk to the front door while I am texting babe (Isabel), the person who caused it all. I open the front door, shut it and walk to the front where he is waiting for me. I walk and when I see him, he gives me a big hug without letting me go and i return it back. I smile as i’m hugging him while he tells me many sweet things and I can’t do much but hug him tighter and take advantage to make it an unforgettable moment now that I have the chance. I am still thinking if this was a good idea or not and if that was the time I would get caught.  I had a bad feeling about it since the beginning and when I do, something bad usually happens.


“I love you so much and I wouldn’t  want to let you go. I love the time I spend with you, wish we could do this all the time.”, he says in spanish whispering to my ear holding my hand while hugging me. A few seconds later my phone was vibrating, I had five missed calls from my grandma which was not a good sign. I quickly start to panic and tell him about the calls. I tell him to help me jump the fence. I quickly hug him, give him a kiss and jump the fence with his help. I go in through the back door leading to the garage and go in the door that goes to the kitchen, where my grandma is already looking for me.


“A donde andava usted me dise ahorita mismo”, she asks me. Where was I, yeah I cannot answer that honestly because that’s not a good idea to say at the moment. I just keep walking to my room and unlock it and I just respond outside in the garage. Of course she won’t believe me but I couldn’t think of another lie so that was my excuse for not being in my room at midnight. All I wanted to do was go in the room and wish that I never have made that mistake and that I could take it all back but it was way too late for that.


My uncle goes to my room and asks me where was I and he says to say the truth that he won’t say anything, and I totally trust him. Besides all the fights and insults, he is one of those kind of people that will give me advice and talk to me instead of punishing me. “ Nothing, nowhere I don’t want to talk about it” .I quietly respond  with tears filling my eyes and trying to hold them in. Thinking why did I ever do that, why did I let my heart tell me what to do instead of thinking about what could’ve happen. As soon as he leaves, I lock my door and  message my now ex boyfriend, Danny  to tell him to forever forget about me because I don’t care or ever want to hear about him again in my life. It hurts, but it’s the only thing i wanted to do because even though it was mostly my fault, he could’ve also understand and told me let’s not do it but he was the one who got mad I said no. I ended it, he begs for me to stay but least thing I wanted to hear was his apology and his lies. I fall asleep thinking and crying about the mistake but also the great moment I had with one of the best persons that I have in my life.


Monday, 4th of July  I wake up to a message from my mom saying ‘' Wake up right now.” I go outside and she says to give her my phone which I do.  She asks me who I was with, I answer with the truth but at the same time with a lie. “Con el hijo de Doris. Con el andava.” I tell her who but not what he is for me. All she did was give me a big sigh and leave. Later on, I take a shower and get ready for my uncles party and nobody has said anything to me about what happened. They all just try talking to me, but all I did was be in my room  and try to ignore the big pain I could felt in my stomach  and mostly my heart remembering the memories  and if that was really the end.


At 2, we leave to my uncles. Everyone is there but me, my sister and mom. We are on our way there, and I still can’t forget about all those unforgettable moments I had with him but soon or later it was going to  be time to forget him and move on. We get to my uncles. “ Hola,como estan?” I ask to everyone and give them a handshake. 


“ Bien y usted sipota.” they each respond in their own way saying good and you. Sipota means child, kid, teen, girl, boy and anything below adult , that’s how we say it back in my country Honduras. I go inside and ask my uncle if I can use his phone to message a friend. He gives it to me and I message Isabel, after everything I just needed a friend to talk to. I call her and explain what happened but it was killing me inside knowing nothing was ever going to be the same without Danny. Once again, I don’t think about it and message him I talk to him, we fix things and minutes later we are back together.


“Necesito mi telefono. Voy ir a recojer a Dania.”, my uncle asking for his phone. I return it to him but before i delete all the messages and numbers so nobody could know Im still in contact with him. Nobody ever knew or has yet figured out I still talk to him.


“Cuidate mi niña, que te quiero mucho y quiero que seas alguien en la vida. No necesito mas broncas en mi vida. Espero que aprendas y que jamas en tu vida vuelvas a  cometer el mismo error otra ves. Ten tu teléfono y ya no vayas andar ablando con ese wirro.” She tells me as tears are rolling down my cheek. She told me that she wants the best for me and that she doesn’t want me talking to him and she gave me back my phone.


In this mistake, I learned to never betray  my mom or fail her. To this day, I have not lied I have changed my attitude and haven’t sneaked out or done anything that will get me in trouble. I also learned to not ever get fooled easily by an appearance and to fall for lies. I fell for a guy who wasn’t worth hurting my mom and lies that i never thought I get lied to in that way. I fell for a boy who showed me love  but behind it was all just a lie. It was never love, it was all just a story that happened and a total waste of time. I Have changed because now I am focused on myself, my family, and most education. I am working on myself to be a better person and distance myself from love and lies.

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