The Secret About Me

September 20, 2016
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My name is Justin Z. who risk for good education, also love to play in my house, and would love to help my parent every day. My family are the one who I loved very much. I always like sleeping in my bed every night. And also would like to play video game when I grow up. When I’m older I would like to own a car company so I can be successful and rich so I can help my family if they need it. Therefore I am hard working when it comes to education and money. Also I am fun when it comes to a friend or when I am a brother.

My family is people who I would die for. First of all I love my parent, because they took care of me when I was a baby. Next it my brother because he is very funny, fun, and energetic. Then it my sister because when she want to play with you it very fun and cool. Also my grandpa, because he tells story about his day when it comes to his old days. After that my cousin especially him he’ll be your best cousin ever. Finally it my baby bro because he cute and fun.

My favorite thing to do is sleeping because it great. I love sleeping in my room because it soft and warm. My bed also give me comfort when I’m mad. My bed is their when I need it for school. Bed are awesome when it comes to jumping. My bed describe me about sleeping. Sleeping is important to everyone especially me. My bed is the greatest day of my life. 

My other favorite hobbies is playing game because it so fun. Playing video game is relaxing because it keep you concentrated when your board. Video is helpful to those people who hate playing outside. Video game also help people who is board such as little kid. Sometime video game will messed up your learning streak such as homework so please do not play. 

In the future, I will own a car company because it look great. I want to own a car company bod if only your board. Some game are fun for you and me because it worth buying it.            

because you can be rich or could see a new car if they arrive. Also I want to own a car company because it was my plan a for my future. So if there’s a new car that came it out i will be the first one to joyride. But also it mean to much work and cars to sale to deliver or sale. Also my father recommended to own a car company.                                                                                                                                        

I am hardworking and fun because i care about my educations. My name is Justin and i love playing in my house everyday. Also love to get good educations, so i can be smart and rich and  help my parent by paying their medical bills, food, and paying their taxes.The word fun describe me because i want to be your friend with anyone especially you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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