All About Me

September 20, 2016

Who am I? My name is Devin Y. I am 13 years young and a high school student. I am the middle brother of my family. In my family I have 2 brothers, 2 sisters, a mom, and a dad. I am a gamer because I enjoy playing games. I got into games when I was 6 years young. I’m into games because it is fun and I learn stuff in games that I don’t know in real life. My future is getting a house with a pool because when it gets hot I can go to the back yard to swim instead of driving and wasting money on gas.

My family is who I will do stuff for and make food for. My family is who I grew up with and I will help them if they need money. I will take care of them and love them forever. In my family my mom and dad has 5 kids and it is fun being with my family. If I didn't have a family I don't I would make it this far and make it to high school. I'm glad I have a family to help me succeed and be a good person.

A gamer is a person that plays games and for me I’m a gamer and a youtuber who post stuff on youtube. The games I post is Racing Rivals,, and minecraft. When I grow up I am going to be a gamer and post video’s and get subscriber to be popular. When I’m popular I’m going to travel the world and have fun while I’m young. The systems I play is computer, phone, and xbox 360. I have 3 xbox 360 and a 1 computer. I had the 3 xbox 360 for 2 years and it is still working and is good.

In the future I want to get a house with a pool. My future is getting a house with a pool because instead of wasting gas and money going to swimming places I can just go to the back and swim. I can invite friends and family members to swim at my place and have a bbq or a party. That way I can help my friends and family save money on things they need it for like food, water, clothes, etc.

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