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September 16, 2016
By Arturo851 BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
Arturo851 BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
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Today, I will be playing until 2 a.m. having the time of my life. Tomorrow my grandma will ask “what time did you go to sleep last night” I will answer back to her “just worry about yourself” in the most hostile way possible. Every day after school I would always log on to this intangible world that made me feels so happy. However, whenever I am interrupted by my mother she enters the room she gives me this redundant look right into my eyes and ask me “did you finish your homework today” I would try to avoid looking at her because if I did she would know I was lying. So I answered back “I don’t have any homework mom” but I knew in the back of my head I just lied to my mom in front of her face, she gave me an awful glare and left the room.

So not only did I lie to her, it was almost as if she knew that I was lying to her but I am sure she knew every time that I lied to her since you know she is my mother and all. About a month into my freshmen year of high school this became a problem for me, I mean it got to the point where I only had a passing grade in art but I didn’t care much because it was school who cares rights. So the end of the year comes and I fail like 3-4 of my classes not caring just saying to myself “it’s all good just have to try twice as hard next year”. When summer comes I spend it playing video games not feeling as happy as I used to be feeling, now I feel this emptiness in myself that bothered me during summer time but I got over it when school started.

Sophomore year comes and I do terrible, again because of my addiction to the fantasy world I wish I could live in. At this point in my life I know I have a problem so I start doing something I wish I did a long time ago ask for help. Once I got advice on how to get it under control and they told me, it would be hard at first but if I work hard now my future would be easy. My time I spend on my computer now is simply to be productive I stopped playing 24 hours a day and it has become a hobby now.

Currently I’m a senior in high school working as hard as I can to graduate. While it should be the easy year for many but for me it’s hard because of my addiction to video games. I’m lucky I got this problem under control when I did. Going to school now actually makes me feel like I am doing something not just sitting there and not doing anything I feel like I have a purpose even if it is small. After high school, I wish to go to college to study video game designing. After everything I went through, my addiction made it hard for me but really, it was my decision that made it hard. I feel that almost everyone in the world had an addiction to something in their life at some point whether it’s a good or bad addiction its fine just make sure you ask for help to get over it while you still can and keep the damage to a minimum. In the end of everything, I had to work hard to get over my addiction I am just happy I got over mine as soon as I could.

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