Fashion Disaster Is Fresh Bait

September 18, 2016
By thefelix12 GOLD, San Jacinto, California
thefelix12 GOLD, San Jacinto, California
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The sensations running through my body as my troubles consume the best of me. It really made sense to me that I wasn’t the only person going through this struggle. Just as I was about to finish my first high school year something hit me and made me realize it’s not over. Thousands of eyes staring at me while I make my way to the main entrance. People seem to have an idea of who I am just by the way I walk or dress. But, being in a difficulty can feel like an eternity finding a solution to the cause. Its society status, family reasoning, and relationship goals that trouble me at age fifteen.

It all started at the first week of freshman year. Just having a natural day as any fifteen year old, and suddenly it felt as something wasn’t right. People were dressing differently than I was and I really didn’t think of it too much at the time. The following day, it happened again and I thought if it was me or I looked good today. Later, I found out it was me and my choice of dressing and I felt like I wasn’t being accepted as an individual. I had many thoughts simultaneously going through my mind if I should make a change. So I did, I purchased new cloth and shoes to complement each other. Society looked at me as one of them even though I had some regrets but at the end everything was resolved and taken care of.

It’s a miserable day, knowing that I’m going to the senior campus. I realized that my parents were acting strange when talking about the new campus. It was like they know about it or have been there. They know as a fifteen year old boy situations might not come my way. They were speaking about drugs, and all these subjects that few parents speak to their children about which I had insight about. They began to worry but they know I wouldn’t do such drastic decisions. I have decided to give them my trust that I would do that which took some weight off my shoulders because this would just be going on forever.

Once I settled myself in, I know there’s lots of temptations that fifteen year olds should be in a relationship. I had no better way of saying it but it just came out. Everywhere I look there’s at least one person who is in a meaningful relationship with their partner. The way I cope with this is not to let it get in your head that much. Yes, there are those times that I needed a partner but it can wait. I’m wanting to finish my high school years strong and then focus on the less important.

This life experience will change the course of my life. Just knowing that this is who I am and will continue to be. What can cause devastating damage, and is hidden from sight? Landmines, of course. They describe how my life isn’t supposed to be. When I came upon social status, family reasoning, and relationship goals I wanted to find a solution that will get hide them from my view.

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