God Is in the Rain

September 19, 2016
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Nature's song as you may like to call it,when I listen to the sound of raindrops crashing on to the window, I feel the presence of The Divine in every aspect.It's a wonderful gift given to us by The Almighty to witness the marvels and beauty of Mother Nature.The sight of these precious and pretty jewels from above rejuvenates me and tempts me to forgo all the tensions and worries that has been lynching me for quite a while.

The experience of this wonder droplet once felt on the soft skin of your cheek or palm  or your eyelids leaves you mezmerised.If you actually feel the dezire and urge yourself to be mezmerised for just one rainy day,you'll find yourself adapting to await the next monsoon!

We need to devote some time from our busy schedule and kiss the rain.The feeling of getting wet is an overwhelming experience which suffuses joy from within your heart.My ideas might sound surreal but you've got to really experience it.It'll surely add colour to your dull life.Sad that we often fail to notice the beauty of the rain that falls so regularly onto the rooftop of our houses.If only you could spare some time in pleasing God by ensuring Him how happy and grateful you are with his magnificent works but,which looks so usual and simple.If you don't take time now you'll probably regret it when frequent drought situations may arrive in the years to come.The arrival of the rain which is often accompanied by the enormously intensified thunder and the blindning lightning arouses the chidren with excitement and for some others with a feeling of fear due to it's stupefying sound.The rain is followed by the summer and washes away the beads of perspiration and builds  up a cooling environment as that of an air conditioner.People donned in raincoats and those carrying colourful umbrellas walking on the wet and glittering pavements is a wonderful sight to gawk at.The little children in those multicoloured and mini raincoats and umbrellas,look desperate and hysterical, to get rid of their additional garments in order to savour each droplet of rain as if it was something they had seen for the first time.The puddles of water excite these little rascals to such an extent that they lose their sanity and become notoriously mischievous.The paper boats considered as highly manoeuvred ships by these children,makes me feel nostalgic and it makes me want to recall my childhood days.


As I look out of the window,the rains seem to come as a relief to the parched birds that reside on the branches of the trees in their cozy nests.The birds enjoy each drop of the first rains,letting themselves to be fully drenched and their once fatigued wings flutter with life at the prickling touch of these raindrops.The lay of the monsoon can be considered as a period of silence and meditation.As for me,since I'm a daydreamer,gazing at the ravishing rains makes most of my time while away.


Not to forget,the rains also create a kind of atmosphere filled with romance even if you're not actually in love with any person as such.The emotional feelings and sensations, rains down upon you and gives you the experience and closeup of the most realistic and romantic dream you could ever have. You don't really need a lover or a partner to give you that kind of an enchanting episode. All you have to do is stare and gape at those tiny mirrors,shed by those dark clouds and just let your mind wander away into the purple sky which unconsciously floods your amygdala with illusions and dreams of dreams.You could then feel the presence of your true love and be with him without anybody to stop you from being there with your valentine.You will surely relish his caresses as you cross your fingers with his,though you might only get a blurry image of his exceptionally charming face.The reassuring affections delivered by these wonderful dreams will always linger you and will give you sleep on sleepless nights and console you when you encounter unfortunate situations;you may even cherish these imperishable dreams forever.

Listening to the whispers in the rain as the shrill and eerie breeze wavers the tender leaves and sensitve flowers,is kind of haunting but at the same time,it is extremely melodic.One of my all time favourite songs 'Listen to the Rain' composed,written and sung by the singer Enya is really spellbinding which depicts the beauty of the rain in beautiful words accompanied by her soothing voice and music.

Everytime the rain comes down,
Close my eyes and listen.
I can hear the lonesome sound,
Of the sky,as it cries.

Listen to the rain
Hear it comes again
Hear it in the rain

Feel the touch of tears thatfall,
They won't fall forever.
In the way,the day will flow,
All things come,all things go.

Listen to the rain
Hear it comes again
Hear it in the rain

Late at night,i drift away
I can hear you calling.
And my name is in the rain
Leaves on trees,whispering
Deep blue seas,mysteries

Even when this moment ends
Can't let go this feeling
Everything will come again
In the soun falling down
Of the sky,as it cries
hear my name in the rain...


Rain is a mystery of God which we will never be able to understand or grasp very well and He Himself is in that divine and magical mystery.

Hallelujah! GOD is in the Rain...

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