When it Hits You Like a Ton of Bricks

September 1, 2016
By ladydramax BRONZE, Gorey, Other
ladydramax BRONZE, Gorey, Other
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So it's finally here the dreaded year of making final decisions and studying until you pass out at the desk. The year where the tears are plentiful and worries are forgotten by copious amounts of alcohol on the study weekends. That is until you wake up hung over, craving a big glass of orange juice and a rasher roll until you realise, there is nothing in the fridge and you have an English essay due the next day and you have nothing done I mean nothing like you haven't even picked a topic.

This is the last year of constant badgering of relatives and complete strangers with their questioning tone as they roll out the usual, ''So where do you plan on going to college?'' ''How many points is it to get into that course?'' and the beloved never ending question ''And what exactly will your job be when you finish this course you speak of?''. At the end of this school year it will all be over and we will look back and wonder why on earth we lost so many tears and had so much anxiety during this one small portions of our precious lives that we have yet to truly live.

This is the last year of having constant supports people telling you where to go what to do and when to do it in every single aspect of our lives as s we progress and move forward to a life where we have to study independently maybe we will have to move out and stand on our own to feet. The reality of this actually makes me think of what I don't know. Like how do I know what taxes I have to pay, where do you buy Hoover bags and I will have to buy everything myself ( well maybe not everything, thank mammy).

This is the year where I can really make something of myself. I am prepared to work hard and get what I deserve but this is NOT the year that will define me. This is NOT the year that will defeat me. This is NOT the year that will take hold of me.

In conclusion Sixth Year has just hit me like a tonne of bricks.

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This is the year.

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