A True Sense of Family

September 1, 2016

We all stand together, our hands held against each other, fingers intertwined, shoulder to shoulder, and huddled in tight in a big circle around the blazing campfire that gives out a big burst of sparks, against the chilly night air with the occasional breeze that sweeps together. We stand together, all sixty-five of us. We are from different schools, different racial backgrounds, and we each have our own story. We have our stories of hardship and loneliness, of struggle. Many of us have only known each other since that very morning, yet everyone feels the powerful and moving sense of standing together as a family. We are brothers and sisters, the closest of friends, and we all know that nothing will ever change this. We will continue to be brothers sisters, a family. And every year we will continue to grow as a family, we will be joined by our new brothers and sisters, and we will stand together and share our stories. We will stay silent when an individual speaks and give comfort and love when they cry. And we will all cry together. We will stand together in our struggles, because together is when we are strongest. We will, and always will be, a family.

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