Life Goes On

August 28, 2016
By , PUNE, India


This is just something about my personal experience or I should say something im going through in my life right now. I just got to know living in country like India teenagers are usually not allowed to do what they want to, take my parents for example. They have put this thing into my head that I have to become an engineer. They want me want to prepare for IIT which is by the way an prestigious institute (incase you don’t know). In the recent past I’ve got to know that IIT is not my thing… like seriously. Its ridiculous how my parents thought I could go for it. I’ve discovered a new person in me, and this new person is crazy about fashion and design technology. I really wish I got to know my interests a little bit earlier, because darling my life sucks now.. Literally sucks! My parents asked me to join this coaching institute for IIT which is residential… So, basically I live in a hostel which I would rather like to call hell because you know that place sucks for real. It is meant for real aspirants not for me. Studying 14 hours a day is not my thing. If I get a slightest chance of getting out of that place I would. But the sad part is my parents really have hopes. They think I can make it. But god no. I have no bloody interest. I usually never know what I want to do, I would rather have a list of things I don’t want to do. But for the first time in life I know what I want to do… I can write (like not really good but still not that bad even), I can sketch, I can sing. And my passion is fashion.

And I have to be in my hostel 24/7 which doesn’t allow me to do anything of my interest. Many of friends are working as freelancers and doing things of their interests makes me wanna do the same. But I can’t. 

This is what sucking at life means. Lnd life just goes on, i would try my best to do what I want.

All of this is just my personal experience which I couldn’t keep to myself.

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