For the One That Comes Next: A Few Things You Must Know

August 25, 2016
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He’s a boy as sweet as his name. He’s both quiet and loud & the side he chooses to show will just depend on who you are. Odds are, he’ll choose quiet, at least for awhile. His personality is quiet & soft, but loud and strong. You’ll never meet someone as complex & intricate as him, I promise you. But he’ll be the brightest light you’ve seen and the most caring soul you’ll come to meet. Be gentle with him. His emotions can get the best of him, & that’s not always his fault. Be patient. Be sure he knows just how much you love him, especially then. Comfort him when his mind seems to be working against him and his insecurities take control. Compliment his insecurities. He’ll refuse instantly but blush when you’re not looking. Then he’ll understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if he doesn’t, teach him. Laugh at his jokes, although this should come naturally. It’s more important to him then he’ll ever let on. He doesn’t connect too deeply with many things, but music will always be one of them. Let him play his favorite bands, especially while he’s driving. Think of music as his safe haven, everyone has one. Never make meatballs for dinner, he’ll eat them but he’d rather not. Seafood too, just don’t do it. Caffeine is also his best friend and worst enemy. He might think drinking some before bed is an okay idea, advise him that it is not. Also, while on the topic of food, his stomach is sensitive so keep an eye out for him when it comes to these things. Support him in all that he does. He has big dreams, it’s important that you encourage him in every endeavor. His skin is always warm & will keep you the right amount of toasty. Take that opportunity every chance you can. His arms are the safest place you can be. He’ll begin to feel like home, & you won’t quite understand how a person can feel like a place but you'll want it no other way. Love him endlessly, unconditionally. For he will do nothing but the same. You will learn that you have yet to love anything more.

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