Moon & Mojito

August 19, 2016
By , Raipur, India

This is a tough process.

Trying to love yourself amidst all the chaos in life.

The times when important things don't seem to matter and you let all the nonsense break you apart. Little things begin to hurt and all up to the sorrow of bigger things. People who you trust start running away from you. You get upset from the words of people who hold no importance in your life. Then you shed tears; you can't let this eat up yourself so you get it out. Crying, locked in your bathroom so no one sees you cry; you muffle your sobs with the bath towel and avoid looking at the mirror. You are afraid you will see your tear streaked face and realise no one wipes you tears so you'll cry more. You don't wanna worry anyone.

But then you can't help look into the mirror. You look like a terrible mess. You hate this point of yourself. You start wondering why you are no longer the carefree heartless person you used to be. You miss your old self. But then you don't want the past either. You wash your face and get out of the hard tiled bathroom.

You start to think. Is all this really worth crying for? Should you really mess up your mind for it? Haven't you lived through worse? Is this too important that you trade your inner peace for it? Haven't you got better and eternal reasons to smile? Did you just forgot loving yourself for what you are? Aren't you proud of it?

You sit down in the balcony and look up in the sky. You see the light of the moon glistening up in the sky. You open up the cap of mojito bottle and take a sip. You look up again. You see the full moon now, brighter than it ever was. It had been hiding behind a building but now it has risen up in the sky.

You get your answer: No.

You finish the mojito and you finish writing this.

You take one last look at the moon and smile.

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