August 19, 2016
By , grand rapids, MI

December 3rd 2015 was the day everything fell apart. That specific date I found out there is no friends when you need them. That afternoon, coming out of school a group of 4 guys went up to my homeboy and questioned him "Are you a mob bro?" he had nodded his head from left to right which meant no. After that little situation had happen one of the guys in the group had pointed at me saying it was me, they asked me the same question and my response was, "Yea bro" in a laughing way. They began to throw punches at me and dissing on my hood, as i swing back and fight back I had turned around and looked for anyone to help out. The security was the only one that had helped me out and made them leave.

About 10 to 15 minutes after that I was brought inside the school building to be questioned, they expected me to tell them what had happened. No information had came out from my mouth. They grab my phone go through and find pictures of me with guns and pictures of drugs. They thought it was because of me that sold them drugs or stole from them or something. Later on that day they go on my facebook and they saw pictures of me throwing up gang signs and throwing down other gangs. I had been expelled from the school for gang affiliation and for having "drugs" which it wasnt about drugs. Ever since that day I learned there isnt no friends for when you need them, up to this day I've been on my own with nobody but my parents and loved ones.

A couple months later after what had happened they superintendent of the school board requested a meeting with my parents and myself. The meeting was to see if I was able to stay at that school or go to an alternative school. They spoke about the situation that had happened that day and they all talked good and negative stuff about me. They pull up pictures printed of myself throwing up gang signs and throwing them down and one white elderly lady with blonde hair had spoken out "I personaly do not think he should continue going here. After that event about him being in a gang he doesnt belong in this school." the principle and superintendent agreed and I had been expelled.

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