My Sorrowful Life

August 4, 2016
By , mumbai, India

 "MAY LORD BE WITH YOU" Each day I wake up with either mom or dad scolding me. Each day I find myself with a bad mood at my school. Each day I become the target of their game in the school bus. Each day I hope to study properly but I fail. Each day I decide that I will now be disciplined but I break. Each day I try to go to the tuition with a smile but I crumple. Each day I spoil my parent’s moods and bring them misery and make them think if I was a wrong idea. Each day I am the misery and evil of my family. Each day I make my dad shout on me for troubling him. Each day I tease and irritate my sister to an extreme limit and make her not talk to me or make her extremely sad. Each day I eat food while watching tv and waste the most precious time of my life. Each day I go to my tuitions late and waste my time cribbing about it.


Every time I make my parents feel guilty and make them thin what wrong had they done in raising me. Every time I talk rudely to my parents and sister and act like an ill-mannered adult. Every day I cry at night and think about my horrible day. Every morning I destroy the entire day of my family by not waking up or taking a book in the washroom or by going down late to catch the bus. Every school day I be careless and not do the work given or flunk the revisions and tests the teacher gives. Every day I eat total junk and still cry for more. Every day I throw a tantrum for some chocolates or sneak and eat loads full of them. Every day I break somethings or take my frustration out on someone innocent or something not at fault. Every time I open the computer I start playing instead of studying. Every second I lie left, right and centre. Every day I manage to do something wrong. Every day I make my family sleep with despondent faces. Every day I have a nightmarish sleep.

 I fear about the scoldings that I would get tomorrow.
     I fear about what would I do to make my family depressed.
  I fear about the wrong that I do every minute.
I fear about my life……

Every day I feel that I should start a new life. Every moment I try to think positive but unfortunately I am made of negative.

“the worst feeling in the world is to be in some much pain but have nobody to share it with or understand it.”
I am the person who has started his life and has understood the meaning of it….
Life is the time when you experience the harsh world around you and feel safe and feel content with the life you have.
I am exultant with the life I am having and have thrown away all my bad feelings with this piece of writing.
I want everyone who reads it to be happy of your life and see how lucky you are compared to millions of others. You are unique and you will always be.

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