Ice in a Cup

July 19, 2016

Going away is like trying to get the ice on the other side of the cup but realising gravity is in the way. This gravity is the love that you hold for the place that you once were. It never seems to let you through. There are ways around this love even though it still remains. Whether or not you brought that special charm from home, remind yourself that whoever you're thinking about is still there, thinking about you. Like going around the table to the other side to see the ice at a different perspective, the grtavity is still keeping the ice in it's place. You will be seeing the world in a different way without worry or the sadness that you hold in but in your heart, in your mind, that compassion for the ones you know will forever be. Never forget that home is with you at all times, whether or not you are here or there, or there or here. 

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