A Letter to my Parents

July 1, 2016
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Dear Parents,


I love you, I really do. You will always be there for me, and always support me. Inside, I know you truly only want my well-being. But sometimes, your support turns...negative. I am going to deal with my problems. I will suffer the consequences. I will work to create a solution. You will not be, nor should you take my problems as your own. That being said, I want your support, I just don’t want you to constantly remind me of my failures.


I know that I created the wound, but you’re always pouring buckets of salt on it. I try to bandage it, and I am attempting to be careful enough to not create any more. You, however, take every free moment to open the wound again. You heartlessly open the bandage, and aggravate it once more. It already happened. The wound occurred, and I need you to give it time to heal. Please, parents, always support me, but don’t suffocate me either.


Your Daughter

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