Living at Boarding School

July 4, 2016
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Some people might think that all they want to do is get away from home, move on to a bigger, better, more influential place. And while SAS is everything I dreamed it would be, and more, I still miss home. Living far away is not all it's cracked up to be. I currently live in Park City, Utah, but I go to school in Middletown, Deleware. And while I love school, and it is definitely the best place for me, I miss home. I miss the late nights roasting s'mores outside at the pool. I miss the family Survivor and Amazing Race marathons after a hard day of school, work, and rehearsal. I miss my dog and her crazy antics, her ball chasing, and our afternoon trail runs. I miss watching the sun set from the roof, gazing at the bright, bold colors as the skies got darker and the daylight disappeared behind the mountain. I miss watching a storm roll in from that same roof, and reading outside on a hot summer day. I miss the way my cat feels against my chest when the stress of the day is to much. I miss the way she licks my face and kisses my cheeksI miss the orchestra rehearsals and my stand partner doubling as my best friend.  I miss my friends and the acting family I had. I miss the late-night theatre runs and eating a late dinner together as we studied our lines. I miss getting up early on a Saturday to drive across town to the theatre and spending the day with my second family, running lines and singing our songs. I miss the view from Seldom Seen on my skis, powder up to my knees, and my Dad by my side. I miss the Saturday afternoon skiing with lots of hot cocoa breaks. I miss the kit-kats and my little brother's bright orange one-peice snowsuit. I miss the early Sunday church and the Java Cow runs after eating out. I miss all the things, but most of all I miss my family. For all the times during the past 5 years I thought "I can't wait to get out of here", during the past 5 months I have thought "take me back. I miss home." It is a lot harder than it looks, moving across the country, living with someone you have never met before as well going to school, eating, working, and playing sports with people you have never met before. It has been a big change, and I feel it has impacted me a lot as a person, and helped shape who I am. Despite this, all the things I listed before make it hard to be a Saint Andrew's student. Although I don't miss who I used to be, I miss the things that made me who I was, and over my 6 months at SAS, I have come to realize that is OK. I love the things that make me who I am, my core memories, the things that make me myself, and it is OK to miss them. But you can't let that get in the way of becoming the best person you can be and living life to the fullest (even if you are by yourself).

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