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An Open Letter to My High School Bully

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Dear --,   


Fall of my freshman  year I idolized you because I thought you were intelligent, funny, and a cool upperclassman. Spring  of my freshman year I was wrong. Unbeknownst to me, you disliked me more with each day. The day you accused me of trying to steal your friends and boyfriend, and threatened me, I was astounded. The sophomore I had thought was cool revealed her true ugly form to me. People flocked around the situation like birds at a feeder waiting to scoop up sumptuous bits of rumors and deleterious fragments of drama. Mediation did not work because you decided that it was childish, unlike the drama you nurtured. You made my life hell for the last bit of my freshman year, and lonely during the summer. I dropped out of track for the last bit of the year, and school for a couple days. Because of you I had to watch a girl who used to be my friend get yelled at by her mother to be nice to me.


Fall of my sophomore year I started cross country again, but did not talk to anyone this time, especially not you. Why feed the fire? Late fall, when your boyfriend visited, you offered me a cookie. I took it like a dog taking a treat from its abusive owner- taking it because you wanted me to, not because I wanted it. That cookie had no taste but that of bitterness.


You did many more things to me, but what you did when you graduated was the most outstanding. I did not expect to be quoted in the yearbook, much less be your senior quote. However, this time I did something about it. I went to administration, and took action. You were punished for the first time, and wrote me an apology. If you harass me now, your harassment will be reported to your university. But I will never accept your apology. It suggests that this instance was a misunderstanding between friends. We were no more friends than a slave is a friend to his owner.


In your apology, you talk about how loyal I am, how nice I am, how you would never hurt me, and how I mean more than anything else in the world. This was to please your mother, soothe administration, and make me seem crazy. You have sat on a throne of lies, cheating, and manipulation. I have seen you cheat on tests, brag about knowing everyone in the admissions of the college you were accepted to, and laugh about exaggerating your volunteer hours to get into college. I would like nothing more than to tear you down, to destroy your throne.


Instead, I would like to thank you for all you’ve done. You’ve taught me that there are bad people in the world, that it’s okay to dislike people, to document arguments, and that harassment should be handled by authorities on the first serious offense not the fifth. You have also inspired me to help other kids who are being bullied. I believe you are a fabulous example of who people should not be, and the kind of person people should avoid. I hope people look at this example and see that they should stand up against bullies like you.


In conclusion, I hope you enjoy the programs your parents got from me at your graduation and senior awards. Serving as a marshall at all your senior events this year was my pleasure.


No Longer Yours,
The Girl You Tortured

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Lord.of.WordsThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
today at 9:13 pm
This article is free of spelling or grammar errors, and it flows nicely. I relate to much of its content, especially the next to last paragraph, where you explain how the experience of being bullied has actually helped you. Good job :) If you have time, can you please read and comment on some of my work? I need feedback and it would mean a lot. Thanks!
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