The Bully

April 26, 2016
By StephanieMichelle98 SILVER, Syracuse, Utah
StephanieMichelle98 SILVER, Syracuse, Utah
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Favorite Quote:
"The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears. And the kindest hearts have felt the most pain."

The bully isn't always the person asking for your lunch money. Bullies come in all sorts of different forms. They aren't always guys who pick on smaller guys. They can be girls too. Trust me, I know from my own experience through bullying. It isn't fun. When i was bullied all I wanted to do was stay home because I didn't want to go to school. The worst part of it all was that they were all friends with my older brother. He couldn't see how awful his friends were to me. No matter how many I told him about it he would always side with his friends because he didn't want to lose them as friends. I was bullied in different types of ways. Physically: I was walking back to class when two boys walked passed me and pushed me into the lockers. When asked about it they denied it. Emotionally: They would say that I deserved to die and that I was stupid. They told me that I didn't know anything. They would always tell me that my own mother didn't even love me and that she only took me in was because she felt bad for me. ( I was adopted) I never really kept friends for very long. When I did get a friend they would stick with me for a little bit but once the bullying started up they would leave me in fear of themselves getting bullied. So I was always alone. I couldn't take it anymore. Bullies aren't always boys, they can be girls too. Girls can be so horrible to each other. When I was in history class I was talking and I heard this girl ask my briother ask how old my sister was and he told her she was about 30. The girl then replied," Wow if your sister is that old I wonder how old your mom is." I told her that it doesn't matter. The teacher got mad at me for shouting in class but the other girl got no punishment *shocker shocker*.  This same girl would always make fun of me because my parents were older. She would always say that they were going to die and I would be all alone with nobody to take care of me because nobody loved me or cared about me. This went on for about 2 years. This girl even got her friends to go along with it and soon I had a bunch of people making fun of me because my parents' age. They would also say things like, "Your real mom didn't want you because you are a nobody. Why would she even love you? You're so stupid." That is when I snapped. I would go home crying everyday. I didn't want my parents to worry so I would always put on a smile. :) Everyone always thought I was so happy but really I was dying inside.

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on May. 22 2016 at 2:33 am
Thisiswhoiam BRONZE, Highland, Utah
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Stephanie, I can't believe some people could be so rude in this world to say those things to you. I know they made you feel worthless, I've felt worthless many times as well. But you're strong, I can tell when I read your poems. One day you're gonna accomplish great things, and you'll realize that those people who weren't even thinking about what they were saying before they said it, and that they were wrong. I really enjoyed all your poems and this work as well. It was so personal, and i actually cried while I read it, because it was so sad and I can tell how empty they've made you feel and that makes me feel awful... You did a beautiful job:)

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