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The Unexpected

November 19, 2015
By lovebug1 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
lovebug1 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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Just a normal day one cold November morning, I woke up and prepared for school as always. I was running late I overslept my alarm clock.

Rolling out of bed I remember thinking “today wasn’t going to be the best of days.”

I was tired and already irritable, there was no way school would help. Running for the school bus fierce winds attacked my face leaving icicles, my hair was a wreck and my head ached.

I kept thinking “I can’t wait for this day to end so that I could return to bed.”

Going to the bathroom before breakfast I attempted to pull myself together. The bags under my eyes screamed exhaustion, breakfast woke me up a little but not enough to fully function. The kids scavenged through the halls scurrying to class, I staggered up the steps hunched over and plunged down into my designated seat.

The teacher spoke “good morning”

In my head I thought otherwise, deep into the lesson the phone roared interrupting the teacher in mid sentence.  All the students watched the teacher eagerly with their badgered eyes glued to her every step as she approached the telephone.

She answered in a pleasant tone “hello…”
The call lasted a few minutes everyone near wondered who it could be. What was the call about? Who was on the other end?
“Please not me I have enough problems” I thought to myself.
The call ended and the women looked straight at me wearing a smile.

“Kandah you are needed in the office.”

Not expecting to be called I was suddenly energized, gripping my pass I and descending into the hall my heart raced like a child hyped on sugar.

I couldn’t help but wonder “why me I had never been called to the office before, what was this about?”

Nerves rushed through my veins filling my body with all kinds of emotion. As I reached the end of the long hallway the office was no longer a vague image, entering the room a smell of freshness pierced my nostrils. The women at the desk looked up with a smile pronouncing my name right away.

“Yes” I replied

“One moment” she said arising from her seat.

Standing back facing the door I heard it open, paying no mind I didn’t even feel the urge to look back. For the office was always busy I figured it was just a late student. A warm hand caught me by surprise as it covered my eyes.

“Who is this?” I said anxiously confused.

I could now hear raucous in the room everyone seemed excited.

“If only I could see” I thought

Returning from the darkness light began to emerge; spinning around quickly there stood my older brother fresh off the marine base whom I haven’t seen in two years. Along with my mother, little sister and other brother, we instantly exchanged hugs you could feel the love in the room as we held on to each other. Being in the marines I didn’t get to see him much anymore only on holidays. This surprise turned my day around I was now so happy.
I thought to myself “they got me good”

He stood there all muscular and well postured in full marine gear. Proud faces all around the room it was truly the unexpected.

The author's comments:

family bonding and the unexpected.

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