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In Search Of Beautiful

October 1, 2015
By lovebug1 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
lovebug1 GOLD, Wilmington, Delaware
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Who defines beauty? Who is to say what exactly beauty is? Beauty can be described as many things. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder but who’s going to tell that young girl who cries over her appearance hiding her flaws under makeup & lashes that she is in fact beautiful? Who is going to tell that young girl who takes hours every day to get ready trying to make sure she looks perfect that she looks fine the way she is? Who is going to tell these young beautiful women that the perfect models and celebrity bodies we see in the magazines and on our television sets don’t define who we are? We are all beautiful. Beauty is all around us, so what are we in search for? Acceptance…

Why are specific skin tones defined as more attractive? Just because I am a few shades darker than you are who is to say we aren’t equally beautiful? Why are darker tones looked down on? We are all human. We all need food & water to survive & we all breathe the same oxygen but yet we are all looked at differently. We can’t change the skin we are in so why not embrace it. Feel good about yourself soak in your natural glow be fearless & powerful make others feel fearless & powerful. Disperse off vibrance & initiate confidence.

We use plastic surgery to look more beautiful. To be noticed by the eyes of society. To annihilate self doubt. We reconstruct our noses & transform our faces. We look in the mirrors unsatisfied felling unwanted. So what if my nose was larger than most it functions just the same. Why change the way I was made to please someone who has no idea what I go through. Society is on the outside peeping in. I say close the curtain. Overcome judgment.

Makeup is a weapon a weapon against flaws. I am killing my old self and recreating a more resilient me. Who am I fighting is the question. Am I fighting myself? Am I fitting into the world? What is fitting in exactly? Is this really me am I truly happy? These are all questions swirling through my mind as I stare at a lost girl looking back at me through a glaring mirror. Even though the mirror is tight lipped it still seems to speak to me. It has a voice, it reminds me of who I am before my daily cover up is applied and who I am after it diminishes.

No matter how humanity tries to define me the truth is I recognize and understand who I am. So what if the person next to me looks more appealing I have found peace within. Confidence confides in me I see beyond my flaws. I am in charge. What is beautiful? Beauty is me, beauty is you, beauty is all! The search is over.

The author's comments:

I hope this article inspires young teens struggling with the judgments of society and changes their purspective makes them feel more confident and hopefull with themselves.

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