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September 14, 2015
By Lindsey Goldin BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
Lindsey Goldin BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
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At the crack of 8 am every Saturday and Sunday morning of my summer going into my senior year of high school, I dealt with hungry people. These mean and impatient hungry people are the worst type of people. They came stumbling into the restaurant I worked at, demanding coffee with squinty eyes and scowling faces. After gorging themselves with greasy breakfast food, and the occasional post-hangover mimosa, these hungry people, rubbing their bellies out of contentment, waddled out of the restaurant, opening up the empty table for another group of mean, rude and impatient hungry people. As much as I enjoyed dealing with these people during my time at Sabrina’s Cafe on 9th and Christian Street, I usually left exhausted, grumpy, and smelling oddly of ketchup and pancake syrup. 

To save money, I would usually order food from the restaurant after my shift, but on this rainy Sunday afternoon, I decided to treat myself to some vegan grub at the Whole Foods a couple blocks down. But to my dismay, Whole Foods was completely packed with families and yoga moms stocking up on groceries for the week. Everyone in the store passed dirty looks and sported furrowed brows as they examined the overpriced food before them. I then realized that I flung myself into another situation with grumpy, hungry people, which in turn, provoked me to scream mentally. I didn’t know whether those screams were out of exhaustion or anger that I had too become a grumpy hungry person.

After 30 minutes of waiting to pay for my food, I finally sat down with my wrap at the designated eating areas in the store. Between bites of my food, I spotted a peculiar looking man with two whole avocados sitting stoically across from me. I looked at him, and wondered what the hell he planned on doing with those things. As I continued to stare, the man began to peel the avocados and began eating the raw avocados with a spoon. I gaped at this man for about 10 minutes, paralyzed, as I watched him eat two whole avocados in one sitting. After he is finished his feeding, the man calmly got up, and left, oblivious to my staring. It was then that I felt inspired. This random man I saw at a Whole foods reminded me that humanity was kind of awesome, and that I should take some time to appreciate my fellow man. Man can do anything he sets his mind too, and nothing is impossible. Dos Avocados man inspired me to look beyond the surface and to cut people some slack. Dos Avocados man dared me to see the value and capability in myself. But most importantly, Dos Avocados man inspired me to think outside the box, which in turn, inspired me to tell his tale.

The author's comments:

For an assignment, I had to write about "who or what inspired me to create something".  This topic seemed very cheesy and cliche, so I picked this particular event to write about because it is different and funny, and something not too cheesy or cliche.

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amazing! Love it and ur a talented writer my dear

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