Midnight Thoughts

March 12, 2015

When the sun sets and the moon rises I’m left with nothing more than my thoughts. When midnight strikes and no peep is heard my thoughts haunt my mind. I think about what will be and what could have a long time ago. I think of who I was and who I am now. My dreams taunt me but they are a forgotten memory for sleep never arises. The sound of emptiness slowly drives me to insanity, so I write. Write my fears, my hopes and dreams. My memories resurface from long ago and a feeling of amiss falls over me. Then the dark consumes me and nightmares surround me. Tears swell up but never fall, caught in an undying horror state where reality becomes a myth. I picture things no person can handle, my heart begin to beat. I can feel the fear built up in my veins, I can feel the stale horror take control of my body as I slip into darkness…. I awake. My body still in the cold and dark, my mind is shattered. Empty and blank like a check, what was? What is? No memory of what happened. I close my eyes and slip back into darkness.

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