Sanity and Insanity

December 21, 2014

Not all of us are insane, but the ones who are will figure it out eventually. When that happens it is just a matter of what will contain them, be it themselves or another. The people who do not find a reason to contain it are the ones we see, and they are the ones who are caught.


I am insane. The tests do not show show it, of course. No one would know because I seldom show it. I find reason to hold it back for my own good and for the good of those around me. I was at conflict though... I wanted to be insane. I wanted someone to tell me, a test to show me, something to confirm the things I was feeling and thinking, the thoughts that did not make sense with the way I was, but made me smile nonetheless. 

I figured it out.

Nothing was showing my insanity because I do not show it myself. Those tests and people judge on actions and words they see you say and do. I am insane, but only in my mind. The things I think are insane. Sometimes they run wild, more wild then I intend. My insanity exists, but not where anyone can see it. My thoughts portray that of an insane person's in an original way, perhaps, but it is still insanity. Thank goodness. If I was sane in both mind and action, I do not know what I would do. But I simply must ask, where does my heart lye? In heart, am I sane? Insane? If a person were to spend their entire life thinking terrible things but never showed it, in fact they did good in the world, how would this classify them? What would they be? Good or evil, sane or insane? My question is this. If I show only sanity, but I know that in truth I am insane, what does that make me in the perspective of God?


Your thoughts interfere with your actions. THis is a fact. You cannot reach the level of good you could with an insane mind. Your potential is limited with insanity when it corrupts your thoughts, which are onyl saved by your sanity to a certain extant. THerefore, the insanity must be stopped. In this there is strength, hope, and an extraordinary amount of self control. Once the insanity is conquered, however, and the mind is made pure, the actions become strong and beautiful as they were supposed to be. Good can survive when evil is present, but it can only thrive when evil has been extinguished. It is the same with sanity and insanity.

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StarGazer9 said...
Dec. 26, 2014 at 2:06 pm
Hey guys, thanks for reading my work :) Just wanted to say I was very happy to see this rated as the #1 article in this section a few days back. It's a great accomplishment for me. Thanks again!
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