Wisdom Teeth

August 10, 2014
By Delaneyreaderandwriter SILVER, Pittsfield, New Hampshire
Delaneyreaderandwriter SILVER, Pittsfield, New Hampshire
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Monday, the second, June, 2014. I woke up, not very nervous. I spent a few minutes in bed, until Mommy yelled for me to get out of bed. I got up, used the bathroom and walked into Mommy’s room, grabbing the book I wasn’t allowed to have until today. City of Heavenly Fire. Hugging it I walked downstairs, looked into the living room where Dj, Kaylyn my brother and sister and Alyssa, the 2 year old we watch sat. I worked my way around the ground floor until I found Mommy on the back porch.
“I’m hungry” I said instead of good morning. She laughed. I wasn’t allowed to eat any breakfast before the appointment. I then sat down in the rocking chair, and started reading. At some point I took the pills I had to, with as little water as possible. I didn’t have to get dressed because I was going to continue wearing the new grey and black pajama’s bought specially for today. I took a shower and got ready to go.
Dj and Kaylyn were staying home; I left my phone there to. I think they watched T.V. most the time but I’m not sure. Mommy, Alyssa and I got in the car. I told Mommy about how I planned to think of trying to relax to let the laughing gas work, I would pretend to be in a Dauntless fear simulation, the only way to get out of it, to slow my heart rate and relax. We got to the dentist early, and we sat in the puffy black couch down stairs.
I read my new book, Mommy read and Alyssa watched Incredibles. I was asked if I had taken my pills. Yes. And the last time I ate. Dinner. Food was starting to sound really good. Mommy remarked on how I was only supposed to get the book after the teeth got pulled, I shrugged. I laughed at funny parts in the story and Mommy looked at me weirdly. At one point someone came out of the door, being pushed in a wheel chair. I wondered out loud after they went outside if I would need one.
The appointment started at 9:40, so around that time I suppose T.J., one of the dentists who we had known for a while came in through the door. I slowly put the bookmark in its place and looked up at him.
“Hoping I would forget about you?” He asked. I laughed and shrugged, saying that I wasn’t sure what I had hoped. I placed my book next to my mom, and followed him through the door. Surprisingly I still wasn’t that nervous. I sat down in a large dentist chair. T.J. and one other lady whose name I forget were the only people in the room. I don’t remember the lady saying a lot. T.J took my pulse with the thing that wraps around your arm. I always for some reason enjoyed the pressure of it. Then came the wires that stuck to me and showed my heart beat/rate or something. Two on my upper chest and one down by my stomach. As well as a thing that went on my finger like a clip.
We talked a little, I felt pretty comfortable. T.J. asked if I was nervous.
“Not really” I said. “The thing I’m worried about the most is afterword, swallowing to much blood and then barfing it up.” T.J. said that he couldn’t guarantee that that wouldn’t happen.
Then I’m not sure if it was the lady in the room or the lady who wore pink and worked at the desk came in. I’m not sure because she sat behind me and I didn’t see her. She asked me questions. Did I take my pills. Yes. When was the last time I ate? Dinner. She asked me how much I weighed, I thought she said ‘what did you eat for dinner?’
“Um, chicken.” I said. Because that was true. While I was trying to remember what else was in the last meal I eat (And getting increasingly more hungry) They started laughing.
“No, how much do you weigh?” T.J. said.
“Oh” I said, laughing too. “129 pounds… I think. I’m fat.” I answered right this time.
Then they asked what else I had had for dinner. “Grilled broccoli” I said, they both thought that sounded really yummy, which it was. I had eaten all of mine and Kaylyn’s.
Then T.J. put the thing that would give me the laughing gas around my nose. Right now it was just giving me air. I took normal breathes with it, and wondered if it was supposed to feel like there was a crack at the bottom or not. I did not wonder this out loud though. It seemed to have fixed itself. Then the dentist who would actually be taking out my wisdom teeth came in. He asked me how I was doing. Good. And if I was hungry. With a laugh I said yes. I was very hungry.
Around that time they starting pumping the laughing gas instead of oxygen. At first it didn’t feel very weird. I kept breathing it in, answering questions they asked me, like what I was planning to do over summer. I told them about the camps I am going to be attending. The main dentist guy (don’t remember his name either) pricked me in the arm, which didn’t really hurt. He told me that they weren’t going to do anything until they told me they were.
I had found a black dot on one of the machines on the ceiling, and stared at that. They put something on my arm were I had been pricked and I remember thinking what is this stingey liquid they are putting on my arm?
“You like the gas don’t you?” T.J. said, I felt like I should reply with a laugh or something but I didn’t. Everything around the black dot had started to get fuzzy. The last thing I remember doing was looking away from the dot, looking T.J. in the eyes and saying “This feels weird.” My voice sounded far off, I returned my gaze to the black dot. And that is the last thing I remember before the laughing gas took effect.
Everything after that comes in odd glimpses of memories. I hardly remember waking up, and trying to get off the bed. I remember T.J. either telling me to wait or gently pushing me back down again. Black. Again I try to get up. I am told to sit back down. Somewhere here I must become aware of the ice pack holder around my head because I am not confused later. Black. I can hardly at all remember being in the waiting room. The only thought I remember is ‘I hope Mommy has my book’ Black. I think I hear someone say “No stairs by herself.” Black. Now my mind skips a lot.
Later Mommy tells me that I did in fact have to use the wheel chair, and that T.J. put me in the car and buckled me and that I stumbled and gave him a small hug. I remember none of this. I’m not sure how long the procedure took, if I said anything afterword, how long we were in the waiting room afterword or the car ride home. I am very disappointed in the fact that nothing you-tube worthy happened in the car.
My next memory, and all thoughts after I can remember. I remember the car pulling into the driveway, me trying to get out by myself, but Mommy stops me and assists me up the stairs. We walk into the living room and I see that the pull out bed in the couch has been opened, along with all the stuff from my bed. Without thought I lie down here. I’m asked if I want to watch something. “Sherlock is on Netflix.” Is what I think I said but I can’t be sure. We watch the last episode of the third season but I don’t remember much of it. Luckily I had seen it when it first came out.
Then after that’s over Sherlock Uncovered starts. I hardly remember any of that. I take the gauze out of my mouth, get new ones. Replace the ice in the head rest. The ice feels so nice. I ask to take the gauze out often because it’s very uncomfortable and hurts me. This goes on for quite some time until the bleeding slows considerably, until it pretty much stops. Mommy marvels about how quick that took. She says I was done bleeding in at least two hours. I have to trust her account because I had no track of time even then.
I’m now laying in the pull out bed by myself and watching Fellowship of the Rings, Mommy tells me I should nap but there is one thing hurting me as much as my mouth. Hunger. It must have been two o’clock but again, I’m not really sure. I start crying for the first time I am aware of.
“Why are you crying?” Mommy asks.
“I. Just. So. Hungry.” I say.
“The Jell-O’s not done yet, but the pudding’s done. Do you want that?
I nod. Anything in my stomach will do. She probably could have offered me tuna-shake and I would have taken it.
I eat the pudding with some difficulty, it sticking to my lips a lot. I was only able to eat about half of it before Mommy takes it away and tells me to sleep. It’s probably one of the quickest times I’ve fallen asleep. I am only awake until the Hobbits make it to Bree and then I’m out. I did not dream.
When I wake up Mackenzie and Brandon, my friend and her brother that come over after school are there, but I did not know that. I notice that the movie is off and Dj is sitting on the little couch across from me. I can’t remember if we talked or not but I at some point became aware that Mackenzie was in the other room doing homework. I try saying hello but I don’t think she heard me. I do know one of the first things I asked Dj was ‘where is my phone?’ He helps me find it and Maggie has already texted me. I send her a picture of my lovely face telling her I just woke up.
Mommy comes in from the driveway, scolding Dj for being a bad babysitter and telling him that he should have told her when I woke up. I have the ice replaced in the ice holder. I cannot explain how good new ice felt. Then there was only one thing on my mind. Food. I’m not sure what time that was. At least past 3:30. I’ll I’ve eaten all day is a little bit of chocolate pudding and I was dying. I had a red Jell-O in a fancy cup and it was delicious.
I took the food outside and it wasn’t long before Stacie, Alyssa, Brandon’s and Mackenzie’s mom showed up so it probably was closer to 4:00 when I woke up. Mommy asks me while Stacie is still there if she can go to the game. I tell her as long as Mackenzie is there I can stay home. Mackenzie stays. They do not have to leave yet, but they close up my bed and Kaylyn, Mackenzie and I watch Warm Bodies, the only zombie movie I will watch. All the while I was texting Maggie. She was the only person I could talk to without my mouth hurting.
Here is where I describe the most painful part of the entire day. Pizza. Mommy made pizza for everyone else, I could smell it. It smelt so good. I watched Mackenzie and Kaylyn eating it in front of me, unaware they were making my pain much worse. God, it smelt good.
“I think the bottom right side is already clotted up, it feels different.” I told Mommy around this time I think.
“The dentist did say that he gave you stiches on one of the bottom sides. That’s probably it” She explained.
“Really? Why?” I said. Just another thing I probably was told and don’t remember.
“Because he felt you needed them I guess. It will just dissolve, you don’t need to worry about it.” She said.
Everyone else left for the game. I ate more Jell-O. When Warm Bodies finished we rewatched His Last Vow (the episode of Sherlock I had already watched that day) Mackenzie hadn’t seen it yet and I could hardly remember watching it when I got home. Kaylyn kept asking me if I needed anything. I was nice and I knew she was trying to help but I wanted to be able to do something for myself. So I got more Jell-O.
Not long after Mommy came home early because she had her own car and Dj wasn’t going to play the last two innings anyway. Sometime around now I wondered what the couch was doing on the wall with the tv. I thought “Wasn’t it on the other wall?” I puzzled over that for a few minutes before realizing that when Dj and Kaylyn had to pull out the bed, they would have needed to move the small couch as well.
Not much exciting happens after that. I watched more Sherlock uncovered, partly because I wanted to see it and partly because I had to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating it before. Mommy offered me pain medicine Daddy had gotten for me, but warned me it might make me barf, especially after just eating a milk shake. I declined, so far I had not thrown up and planned to keep it that way. Then I read my new book in Mommy’s and Daddy’s room for a while and then around nine thirty went to bed and around ten o’clock stopped texting Maggie. I didn’t fall asleep until eleven o’clock because I had to find a way to sleep without resting on my jaw. I had the ice thing on for a long time.
When I woke up the next morning I felt really good. The left side hardly hurt at all for a while but I think I ended up sleeping on my right jaw no matter how hard I tried.
I ate pudding for breakfast. Then decided I felt good enough to run errands with everything. Sometime at morning the Dentist called to check in on me. It was a pretty normal day except for the pain in my mouth and that I only can eat pudding and Jell-O. I had been excited about only eating junk food Sunday but now I know how very un-filling they are. After errands we went home, emptied the island in the kitchen and found new homes for everything. I read, Mackenzie and Brandon came, then left. Dj is at karate, Mommy and Kaylyn went on a walk and daddy stayed home with me and worked on work stuff and in the garage while I wrote this. So that is the story of my wisdom teeth pulling, well, as much as I can remember of it.

The author's comments:
I wrote this the day after getting my wisdom teeth pulled. Hope you like it. I was still in a little pain when I wrote it so please excuse me if its not that good.

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