I Knew Then and I Know Now

August 2, 2014
My dad is a cancer survivor. My dog is, well, he’s just really preternatural. Together, they form a bond no one can explain. I’m sure I can clarify select aspects in their friendship, from possible reasons why to when it all started, but one thing is certain—my dog, Sky, holds an adoration for my father that will last a lifetime, and no matter how much my dad complains about Sky, I know he cares for him just the same. Once, while doing yoga-- a great way for my father to gain back his strength in his recovery—Sky placed his paw on my dad’s knee, as if he was trying to support him. When I asked if this helped in anyway, my dad simply responded with, “Yes, it makes me feel connected with the universe and all the creatures in it.” I knew then and I know now that he was joking, but those words still resonate in my head, conjuring up an idea that has been thought of for years—man’s best friend. If we are all interconnected, I have no doubt that the dog is and always will be the greatest friend a person could wish for.

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