I Never Knew

June 28, 2014
I never knew that I would fall in love with someone. I've always cry and eat strawberry ice cream while I watched Romance movies. I would always think that can't happen to me. I met this boy. Well Dre cousion. I always joke around with people. So I didn't know Nair was Dre cousin. He was sitting by himself. I told him "are you lonely" He cursed at me. I cursed back and we was going at it. Dre said Cut it out you two. He got the talking about my mother and stuff and that really pisses me off. But I never knew I would be talking to him. So I sat by myself and then Nair was like are you lonely. I said "Nawhh and then I curses and when I said nawhh its in text slang which mians no. I don't know how we started talking. We would text and in text we would call each other "Big Bruh" or "Lil Bruh" In text slang. We would talk and laugh. That day I knew I was falling for him. We would hang out, talk, smile, etc. Nair voice was deep. He is 5'9 and I'm only 5'6. Me and Nair are just a like. We like to eat. Hahahaha. Every time he ask me what are you doing? I say eating. hahaha and he say, stop eating. I would say no. We will laugh, smile, and talk all day. I never knew that one of my foe would become my dairy or right hand. I would tell him everything. For some reason I was open with him than any other person. I'm not even that open with my best friend. I never knew how much time I spended with Nair. When I get around him I get butterflies and I always get nervous. Every time I hear a song come on the radio I would think of Nair. -Sigh- I would miss him. I never knew my feeling for him would be deep. But I wanted to be more than friends. So me, Dre, and Nair was in Dre room chilling. I texted Dre and told him to tell Nana I like him. Nair nickname was Nana so I started calling him Nana. So Dre said "Ight" Which means okay in slang. So I asked Dre did he tell Nana what I said, Dre said yeah. I said never mind I will tell him myself. So I told Nana, You know I like you right? Nana said, I know. He didn't hestitate or nothing. I said, Oh! How you know? Nana said, The way you act around me. I laughed. So I told Nana Do you want to go out. Dre said, go ahead and be 5-25-14. I kept telling Dre to shut up. Nana said He'll think about it. So hours passed and Nana said okay. We can go out. So I was smiling so hard. Because I never knew I would get my chance with him. Nana wanted to know what I liked about him since we being go out for a really long time. I named 10 things. hahha. Which were: funny, cute, honest, loyal, how I can tell him everything without him judging me, turned up, he try to crack jokes here and there, listens to me, knows how to calm me down and inresistable. I never thought we would go out because of that indiccent that occured. But I guess you never know. I never knew I would have a romance story. we still dating and its amazing. So now I told him what do he like about me. People say thats childish stuff but I mean to me its kind of like you wanted to know what that person likes about you and you meaning your true self. So Nana named 10 things. Which were: Funny, good sense of humor, big ego, cute, love me a lot, loveable, just like me, crazy, honest and loyal. Now I wanted to know what he liked about me because I wasn't always a guy type. I never knew that I would find a guy like him :).

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