A Reminder For You

June 16, 2014
Every time I look into those eyes, I discover myself in a whole new universe where sadness seizes to exist. My whole outlook on life flashes forward to a road where happiness screams its name each and everyday. My mind gets lost and I realize what life really is about as I hold you in my arms. My whole world is embraced in my fingertips. I find myself slowly constructing a future generated upon the home that I am carrying with me in that brief moment; a future which I wish upon the night sky to become true someday soon.

Because everyday, I fall deeper and deeper in love with you. I fall for all your imperfections known as beauty. You stole my heart the second my eyes rested upon you. Just when I think there's nothing left to steal, you find another part of me to rob. Even when there's nothing left, I'll keep loading the gun because life without you by my side would be worth pulling the taunting trigger over.

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