A Sincere Request

May 17, 2014
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Life is really confusing. Even it is not for you, it is actually to me. The birth and the death is the life. Orelse what would it be?
I am a teenager, and I know that my life is filled with dreams. From the pre-teens there was only one thing I actually wanted. I'm not talking about money or love. I'm making you understand why I'm writing this. Ofcourse I may have loads of homework and my mum and dad may say" why the hell are you submitting your work when no one wants to read it anyway?" But I don't care. They just don't understand. I wish they would. But still they don't.
That's why I submit this work. Because I believe you would understand the innocent feeling of a teenage writer who sacrifices anything for the sake of making others understand. That is only what I want. Nothing else and nothing more.
I joined TeenInk maybe a month ago and I'm still new. I have read long passages written by the other teens. And I try to be like them. But I really cannot. I see their comments, sometimes I myself comment them too. That is truly because they have done a great job.
I may be a terrible writer and I may not have the ability to make the reader to live in my world. But I can still write how I feel, even really stupidly(and please don't laugh at me)
And now I don't know who you are, but I still expect something from you. Try to understand me, just once in your life. This is an innocent request from a terribe writer.(AND THANK YOU IF YOU UNDERSTOOD ME)

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