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Southwest Memories

March 23, 2014
By Tevety BRONZE, Crookston, Minnesota
Tevety BRONZE, Crookston, Minnesota
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Glowing, the moon softly outlines the mountains. The darkly illuminated silhouette contrasts profoundly against the small, fleeting lights of the passing town. Car after car flickers memories...Arizona...bisbee... how I remember our first encounter. Compelling were your mysterious twinkling lights, that first beautiful impression. Buildings hugged the black night... Clines corner frozen yogurt...david mills reciting langston hues...fear tickles my mind...don't drip....don't drip...hold yourself in one place...together... to be still until a later time. Bright moon that illuminates my heart, softly you murmer your warm invitation, or is it the radiator of the bus that buzzes as it heats its passengers..all but my fingers, chilled and waiting, patiently, for the next thought to turn itself over and over within my mind. Waves of the pacific ocean...rosarito... playfully ideas cross near to my the birds approaching the receding waves. Rhythmic. Back. Forth. Back. Forth. A dance, the dance of my thoughts, stream together, slowly increasing in fluidity...never the same because I am never the same at different times within times that refuse to be the same. Rocks. Shaped by the currents of the sea, rough edges either disciplined by the strong pull of an overpowering force or chipped away by unsuspected ships sailing away...grazing the surface of its end in pieces...

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