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I was waiting on the longest line of my life just for a two minute ride that will probably feel like twenty seconds. The bright sun was burning our skins and I felt myself getting tanner as I stood there. We were all sweating from the heat and the anticipation. The smell of sweat filled my nose, but no one else seemed to care. As I looked around, there were people who were scared out of their minds. It was the biggest ride in playland, The Dragon Coaster. They were all yelling at their friends for forcing them or they were jumping out of nervousness. Their friends were being snobs and they acted like this ride was nothing and how they were neither scared nor excited, “Guys you’re overreacting. It’s nothing. It’s just a ride. I always go on these rides. You guys are such babies.” Ignorance I tell you.

As the line decreased, the anticipation increased. People were screaming by then.
“Omg, we’re next!”
“I can’t do this.”
“You guys are overreacting.”

“I want to get off” My friends were too scared to go on, but my my little seven year old cousin came with me. She was 4’9 with dora hair and a had a huge smile. She was jumping out of joy.

Now we were at the front and the last people are just coming off. “The next ten people come on,” mumbled the ride operator. He was tall, big, and sweaty. He was probably scarier than the ride. I got on in the front and the guy buckled us in. There were no straps. There was just a bar that goes on top of you. It wasn’t even tight, you could have probably slipped out. The rollercoaster was made of wood. It seemed the ride would come crashing down at any moment. My cousin was screaming of joy. I smiled at her happiness, but I stayed quiet. The guy asked us if we were ready and everyone threw their thumbs up. I was at the front, so I saw everything. I noticed the wood shaking as the rollercoaster carts go higher. The ride got steeper and steeper. I closed my eyes to take in the moment. I always felt like when I go on a rollercoaster, everything goes to fast and I can never take it all in. So I decided to close my eyes and really take every little moment in. Everything was muffled and my mind transcended to a different place. I went to my world. All my worries were leaving as I felt myself going higher. As the sun touched my skin, I felt that I could smell the sun. It smelled like the happiness of children. It was clean and refreshing. I felt the time go slower and I felt like I was aging slower. There was a light breeze on my face. I felt like I was on top of the world. I was the queen and everyone wished for my well being. The world was mine and only mine. I was on the exact tip top of the world, beyond the troposphere.

I opened my eyes and whoosh. I was falling down like my world came crashing in. My stomach flew away from me like I was not worthy of it. The strong wind gushed through my face, completely pulling my hair back. It was not letting me catch my breath. No one wanted to stop for me, no one cared about me. It was going in their pace not mine. The rollercoaster took sharp turns, throwing the riders around, rattling the wood, straight into the dragon’s mouth, where it went dark. It went up, down and looped around as fast the rollercoaster could go. I felt like I was aging much faster, not having time to breathe or think, not being able to take in the moment. I was trying to collect all my thoughts, breath, and stomach when it came to a complete halt, pushing me over.
“The ride is now over, please get off in your left!” I was forced to get off unable to collect my belonging. I left all my thoughts, my breath, and my stomach on that ride. I wanted to go back and receive them, but everyone just pushed me to the exit. Everyone was always pushing me around, pushing me further and further away from my belongings and myself. I really hoped someone who found it took good care of them or maybe they threw it out. That would be a cruel and unfair thing to do. It would be a waste of thoughts. If they do, that person was cruel. The rollercoaster was cruel. The guy and everyone behind me who forced me out was cruel. The world was cruel.

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