Only Once

January 22, 2014
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It was one of those moments you'll never forget and that you'll long for but never re-experience. You only get it once, but never embrace it enough to get the satisfaction it should present to you.
I was at his house and we were sitting on his bed. He was on the end of the bed with his back up against the wall and his legs stretched out with a slight gap in between them. My body is what filled that gap between his legs and I rested my upper body on his chest with my head resting on his shoulder. His arms were wrapped around me just right enough that I knew he was putting effort into holding that grasp, but not enough effort as to where it hurt or I felt restrained. I felt protected, I felt wanted. Our fingers were locked together occasionally rubbing back and forth as a sign of comfort and love. Neither of us said a word, it was like we made a silent pact with each other to just stay silent. I felt like I was floating. The best part of this moment was as I was resting there on his body I had a half smile across my face partially because of the joy this situation was bringing to me, but also because I knew that right behind me, he was doing the exact same thing.

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