February 6, 2014
My face red and burning...the hot tears rolling down my face while I'm trapped in a corner....surrounded by a group of the "popular kids". Screaming words at me.
"worthless!" one girl said.
"stupid!" said another.
Then a guy piped in.
"ugly, fat troll!" him and his friends begin to laugh.

I close my eyes tightly. Hoping they would go away....but instead, they start to kick me....the insterting of their feet to my body started at my ankles.
"haha!! Look! She's hiding her UGLY face!"
"aww the poor baby is gonna cry to her mommy!"

I hear the laughter from the group of kids taunting me......until a voice that sounds so familiar, yet so different.

"hey! Leave her alone! Stop it!!"
It was Christian! I've had the biggest crush on him for ever! And he was saving ME!

I wiped the blood And dirt off my my body while trying to stand. Christian was pushing the group of kids out of the way. As he helped me up, he looked into my eyes and said softly, "don't listen to them. You are beautiful and you are so worth it. They are just jealous...that's all"

I smiled...not my usual fake smile...a REAL smile. He hugged me and whispered in my ear. "I've always loved you"

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