To Slide Astray.

January 12, 2014
Life is strange sometimes. We start by making vows to remain true to our individuality (I do!). But, episodes happen and they compel us, very subtly, to lose track of our goals. I have observed this phenomenon a lot! Or maybe, this phenomenon is getting more and more common among us teenagers. Initially, we are damn resolute to achieve our aims. But, very few reach the goal.

So what happens to the others?

They are not losers, for sure. The fact is that majority of people love analyzing every little situation that comes ahead. It is a good thing, until we over-analyze. A simple thing is slowly made a bigger issue. This results in endless cribbing and whining about life being sooo unfair.

But, lets go back a few moments ago. Don't we all love the intensity of adventure in tough situations? WE TOTALLY DO! After this excitement, life is seen as a thrilling adventure. These adventures occupy a big part of our brains and end up becoming the only thing that we think about all the time. We let the issue get to us beyond limits. This is when the adventure becomes a problem, and a pretty alarming one. We lose our sense of judgement of what is right and wrong. The continuous thinking takes us off-track.

This happens to everyone! But, the difference is that some people bounce back to the right path that leads to their initial goals. Maybe, after a reality-check from friends and family. Others, make mistakes.

Do I agree with making mistakes? TOTALLY. Walk, run, fall, learn, rise, conquer!

Sometimes, it is good to be off-track for some time. It makes you wiser and sronger. It enhances yor ability of deciding your ideals about life. But that 'sometime' can as well be replaced by 'sometime too long'. The offf... -track can lead you to a dark alley with no idea about who you are and what your purpose is! Practically, we see a huge number of youngsters who indulge in drugs. Well, my theory is probably what happened to them before the drugs started. The 'too much time' for being on the wrong road can ruin a precious life. Not in the real sense, obviously, but life with no aim is not far from being a dead life.

At the end of the day, what matters are the choices you make.

It is okay to mess up. But not okay to regret that you never cleaned the mess.

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