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December 19, 2013
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My friend John was so excited for wrestling season to start. Twenty guys came out on the first day and on that Saturday practice only six guys came including him. That’s what happens in a typical American high school. As frustrating as it may be it happens all time. People at my school complain about how our sports “suck” and how “they wish we could be better”. When I hear people say I always reply “well if people actually to practice everyday, maybe we would win”.

My English teacher has a class of twenty seven students and one day only three students turned in their homework. She’s a teacher who doesn’t assign homework everyday and the homework isn’t even difficult to complete. It must be so irritating for her to put so much effort into teaching her class and for those students to not even care enough to do one assignment.

These are just some examples of the unmotivated teens that go to my school. Not every student at my high school is like that, but a majority of them are. They are lazy and careless. They need to grow up and realize that maybe being unmotivated might be tolerated now but it won’t be when they graduate high school and go into the real world. If I could say something to all the unmotivated students, it would be you’re in school for eight hours you might as well do something productive with their time then just laying around and sleeping. For the students that only come to practice whenever they feel like it, I’d say just quit if you can’t be reliable to your team. You are letting the coaches and your teammates down. So all in all be motivated, because it’s only going to help you more if you start being now.

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