Worst Time in Basketball

December 13, 2013
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I was in a basketball game in Mcdowell High. I was extremely excited because it was my team’s first game of the season, but it was the hardest team we were going to play. When my mom drove me up to the gym, the school was humongous. We parked and we waited in the car for roughly 15 to 20 mins. We started to head in when we saw some of our players go in. When we got in the gym I headed down the stairs to get into our locker room. The Trailblazers grouped up into the locker room and we chatted for about 5 min. One of the dads hollered at us and told us to come on out. We ran out and I heard some boos from parents but we kept our composure. We warmed up and did our layups. The buzzer went off and it was time to play the game.

When I got into the game in the first quarter I had to guard a center that was 6’7, and i'm only 6’4. I thought of messing with this kid and shoved him around and made him extremely mad. I overheard their coach and he said to his team “Look at the little center shoving our center around!”

In the fourth quarter with four minutes to go I went up for an offensive rebound and got it, but fell on my ankle wrong and went down with that center and one of my team mates. The team took the ball of my hand and we were only down by three. When they took the ball I tried getting down the court but I was hobbling and the refs took me off the court. When I got off the court my left shoe started expanding on the ball of my ankle bone. Then when I took my shoe off I saw it. My ankle was as big as a grapefruit. Then I slowly took my sock off, and then the pain started to get to me. It was agonizing, I started balling out into tears and had a very red face and knew it was broken. Everyone around me saw my ankle and gasped and was talking about it and spreading out the message of what happened to me.

The game ended and and we lost by about 13 points. My brother and Jack, both centers, helped me out and into the locker room and we chatted for about ten minutes. Then when the meeting was over Paul, our shooting guard, and Jon, my brother, helped me up the stairs. Then Jon, by himself, help me out into the car. Once we got outside there was a police officer outside making sure everything was in peace. The officer asked me about my ankle. but never helped me. My brother was struggling helping me out but the officer just stood there. I felt like a piece of crap because the cop would not even help.

In the morning I went to Blue Ridge Bone and Joint, and they told me it was a severe sprained ankle and I had to wear a boot for two weeks and then go to rehab. Then I have to wear a brace for another two weeks. The doctor told me that my ankle would not feel the same for about a year. In the end, after Christmas, I might get back into basketball.

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