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December 2, 2013
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And so the journey began. It was a journey I’d never forget, a journey which would prove I was probably not ready to handle the mechanical beast. The game is on, I though while I got in the front seat of the car. I was alone, in the middle of the road in my imagination. My 4-wheel companion was off but I’d still be able to ride it. My left hand was prepared to make the perfect moves while my right was placed on the gears of the striking 1996 Ford Bronco. Big, powerful, mighty, she would take me anywhere. Despite my young age, I was an outstanding driver, at least in my mind. My sister was observing me play with the car from my parents’ bedroom.
It was time. I got in the zone. I suddenly pictured this world, in which I was free to drive through life, without restraint, without worries. My adrenaline was pumping, and racing voices in my head told me to make a move, and so I did. I changed gears, but nothing happened. I did it again, this time without looking. I was finally moving, and my imagined world was finally developing. Yes, that had been it; that got it running. The air smelled like fresh success and freedom; my surroundings roared, cheering and wishing me an adventurous and illuminating trip. My narrowed eyes straight ahead and my immense desire to move down the road and towards my destiny, failed to make me realize something was wrong.
Suddenly, I started moving backwards. My entire imaginative world turned into a fearsome reality. Indeed, I was moving backwards, and towards a black doom. My imagination turned off; what was about to happen was real. I turned around to find myself heading towards my black parking lot door. I looked at the gear box, and noticed I had changed the gears to neutral. Just to add to my incredible luck, my parking lot happened to be a hill. The car was actually moving in reverse and I was heading towards what I believed would be the end of my soul’s existence.
With the driving skills of a young spirit, seven years old to be exact, I was lost in a confusing abyss in which any possible scheme to prevent what was about to happen was nowhere to be found. I screamed to my sister in desperation, but she laughed claiming there was nothing she could do. Perhaps I was being overdramatic, hence, her laughing, but it was the first time I faced fear’s essence. All I had left to do was wait for the worst moment. My eyes became bitter waterfalls as my apparent fate became lucid.

The air grew thick with darkness and fear. Panic was the only thing I could smell, hear, see, and feel. A devastatingly cracking sound broke into my ears, and my body ceased to be mine, shoving itself uncontrollably forward. Was I no longer part of this world? I’d remained in my seat. The door didn’t open, and luckily I seemed to be unscathed, but fear remained by my side. My mother came to the rescue as soon as the crashing sound reached her ears and my sister, the witness, came with her. I was safe, but in deep trouble.

Imagining a world where I was the best female driver was ideal in every way I looked at it. However, when you’re seven years old and find your mischievous hands handling the giant monster about to crash, reality becomes a horrific nightmare. Responsibility is the base for welfare, and I realized that through a more extreme experience. But, I learned it’s alright to take risks. I’ve expanded my imagination and creativity because of that crucial moment. Now, I am able to say I’m edgy and I like pushing boundaries in a way that I get to learn and understand more about the world I live in.

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