Back In Time

November 25, 2013
By annajoelle SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
annajoelle SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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This journal topic took me a while, well; just a day or two to think about. There are many memories I would like to relive but some I would only relive to change the outcome. I laid in my bed thinking and going through pivotal moments in my life. I thought about not so good memories that I could only wish I could just press a button and go back in time and change it. But as I pondered the bad it made me realize all the good memories I’ve had. The good out weighs the bad, and I come to the conclusion that if I went back and changed the outcome of the bad experiences to what to what I preferred them to be. I wouldn’t be person I am today. So if I could re-live any memory it would be when I got my American Girl doll.

I was about your five or six at the time. My sister would always receive American Girl doll catalogs in the mail. I was so fascinated by all the different dolls, clothes and accessories. One of the dolls caught my eye; she had chin-length golden blond hair, with freckles clustered around her nose and cheeks and deep blue eyes. She was the prettiest doll I had ever seen, and different from all the others. I just had to have her.

I begged and begged my mom for weeks, but I got denied every time because mom didn’t have an extra hundred dollars to spend on just a doll. She said if I wanted it, I would have to pay for it myself and she would pay the shipping cost.

Determined as ever, I did extra chores around the house and saved my birthday money. It took me a couple of months, but I finally saved up enough money for it. After mailing the money, waiting those couple of weeks felt like a lifetime. Until one day, a brown UPS truck pulled up in front of my house.

Feeling a rush of excitement fill my body, I ran outside to the 0man, who placed the box in my arms while shouting, “finally she’s here!” after thanking him, I carefully walked back inside my house, holding the box as if it were a box of priceless jewels. I ripped open the box to find what I had been waiting, saving money and constantly talking about for months. I finally got to hold her in my arms. She was exactly how I expected. I would relive this memory because it was not only one of the happiest moments in my childhood; but it also taught me that if I really want something, I have to work hard and be patient.

The author's comments:
This is a sentimental memory and it stays with me forever.

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