How to Save a Life

November 12, 2013
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So most people know me as being the one who loves to go to shows even though I haven't been to that many lately. But when I was 13 I got the chance to meet a band from New Jersey that changed my life. There name is Action Item.. I seriously had not the littlest idea of what these kids were going to mean to me in the future. Now I'm 17 and a little under 2 years from graduating from high school and I can say I wouldn't have been able to do it if it wasn't for the little pep talks I always got from the guys from the numerous times I have seen them.. From the first time I saw them at 6 flags on Allstar Weekend's tour , I knew I could pick out something special about them I just didn't know what. I know without a doubt , I owe the guys so much for always making me be able to laugh with all the hardships I've had to deal with or give me a good time when I see them play Learn To Fly , and my friend and I were dancing like fools. Thank You.. Bri , Ant , Dan & Dave.

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